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What is LED?

During ages people have used many different ways to get the light. Some times ago they used torches and incandescent lamps after those fluorescent lamps. First types of them burnt down because of the wind, the others become so hot that it may be possible to set on fire or heat the rooms. But fluorescent lamps contain phosphor and mercury, which are very dangerous materials for our health and it makes significantly difficult to recycle them. Additionally two last ones are made of glass and get broken very easily.

In the middle of the last century scientist came out with a new and much better solution. Semiconducting crystals were taken in use. They are called Light Emitting Diode, from that is the abbreviation LED. When electric current passes that crystal it will beam the light. After half a century of development the LED became enough luminous efficient, to use them in lighting. In 2006 – 2007 most of the large manufacturers of lighting sources directed their eyes to the LED technology and since then the LED started its victory.

Taking account the LED technology environment sustainability and safety the EU Commission accepted the decision which partly prohibited bringing incandescent filament lamps to Europe since 1th of September 2009 and  till 2012 incandescent filament lamps and halogen lamps will be completely prohibited as the most ineffective lighting sources. With the help of that they will try to fasten LED usage.The effectiveness of LED lamps has been raised far over halogen and incandescent filament lamps, over the fluorescent lamps and for now, with Cree XP-G, little bit over the Metalhalidlamps.

LED technology has much more advantages like:

  • Very long lifetime, which extends over 50 000 hours;
  • Very low maintenance costs;
  • Very low usage of electrical energy;
  • Low working temperature, which doesn’t burn your hands or cause the risk of fire;
  • Small measures;
  • High operating reliability;
  • Shock and vibration proof;
  • Possibility to direct the light beam very precisely, with small losses;
  • Low and safe working voltage;
  • Wide colour choice;
  • The colour doesn’t change while regulating the brightness;
  • Ideal control of colours by the help of RGB, DMX and DALI;
  • The light is free of infrared and ultraviolet radiation;
  • Environment friendly;

These big advantages give a large range of usage possibilities: 

  • To integrate the lamps into the furniture, timber constructions and floor without fire danger.
  • The favourite for designers and decorators are the small Strips which can be hidden into small gaps and they help to create exciting and cosy solutions
  • Big financial saving can be achieved  in the situation where you need good and perfect lighting in warehouses, trading areas, production buildings and for exterior lighting;
  • Thanks to low supply voltage and small power consumption the LED lamps fit together with solar panel and then the lighting doesn’t use priced additional energy almost at all;
  • As they have good targeting possibilities thy don’t make any so called lighting pollution and they can light the needed objects or surfaces;
  • Great shockproof gives ideal mobility for the portable lighting solutions;;
  • Remote control colour choices give ideal possibility to create special effects and different milieus at home, office and also to the stage;

It’s probably impossible to bring out all the usage ranges, because people fantasies and LED possibilities are boundless.